this, too, shall pass

Cliches, famous quotes, memes. What they all have in common is relative truth.

They appeal to us because they are relatable, are mostly true, and can stand the test of time. Well, maybe not all memes can, but most do.

The first time I saw "this too shall pass", I was likely in my mid-20s, either on r/MotivationalQuotes or a reshared Facebook post. It was probably a square image, with a background of a statue of the Buddha or something. I use "likely" and "probably" because human memory can be unreliable. I know, however, that I've had the impression that it was a Buddhist saying for the longest time.

Well, today I finally decided to Google it for the first time. All because I decided to write something with it as a title. That's right, I don't even know what I was gonna write about yet. Apparently, according to the Wikipedia article, it's Persian in origin. Something about a king asking his wise men to come up with something that can be permanently relevant.

> This too, shall pass.

I'm not entirely sure where I'm leading with this, maybe to say that I hold this quote in high regard. I think about it a lot.

This moment, too, shall pass.

You reading this, too, shall pass.

Me writing this, too, shall pass.

The technology allowing all of this, too, shall pass.

Your dissatisfaction over this post becoming repetitive drivel, too, shall pass.

The feeling of accomplishment after posting this, too, shall pass.

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