It's Been A Year Since I Last Posted

Wow, it's been a whole year!

Time for a quick bullet-point style post in the theme of big events/things that happened since the last post?

You betcha.

In no particular order:

  • The COVID-19 outbreak. A pandemic.

    • It's become such a worldwide household name.
  • Birth of baby Linus (my son!).

  • A lot of things happened with the last startup I was in. (Kinda in order)

    • Completed facilitating an internal management training program.
    • Moved to a new office.
    • Organized an internal hackathon.
    • Laid people off.
    • Left the startup.
  • Joined a new startup!

    • Stealth mode. Ask me about it.
  • Built my own desktop. (Finally!)

    • Maybe I'll dedicate a post to it.

I was relying on my photo album to do a quick recall of all the happenings in the past 1 year, I realize how quickly the album starts to get populated with baby pictures after Linus' birth!

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