It's Been A While...

...since I've written something.

Here's an exercise for myself to get started. A challenge, so to speak.

No backspaces.


That starts...


Typos galore, here I come.

I guess ?I'll talk about the motications behind doing something. Damn, lol already 2 typos. I'm regretting this. Well to be honest I've alreadyt made a few more and hit backspace really quick to ggixfix them out of habit.

Aaaaanyway, as I was 0- oops - alreadyt I backspaced another time. Anyway, as I was saying. The motivations behind doing something, like why would In even want to write something in the first place.

As a kid,m I've walwayts written out of the wantr of writing, I never really expected anything out of it. I really kiust just liked to write. Or at least I'd like to think I did. I can't really rembember now, thinking back . As it was wquite a while ago. Man the temptation to hit basckspace is just so big. Stoo much, got god i;m sotrry to any reader treading this right now. Must be a nightmare. I will understand if you just hit the X now or browse away.

Nut Buut yeah coming back to the point of why I'dmwant to write anywy. I believce in the end, all will just be like tears in the reain. RAIN. RTT. Fuck. Tears in the rain. They'd be but a moment's fleeting... m,moment? LOL.

So yeah, I like to write because writing is fun. It's somew shit I jhit backspace again. I think in a way it's therapeutic for me. PErsonal creative expression. Allows me to think aout loud. Allows me personal time with myself. A reflective, introspectiveagct. Act.

Playfully experimenting what goes on within, and what comes without. Do the words work like that? Within without? TYeahg I remember a period of thime when I maintained a blogspot blog. I used to ramble like this, As if no one's readong. Or pretend to talk to someone who is reading. Like hello there, reader, today, I am here to just create a word diarrhea and kinda waste both our time. But in a way it's not really. Like what is reallym a waste tof time? What is waste? What is productive? Life is a beafutiful experience never expereienced before any other way. Every moment is special and uinique and lnever relivable again. Unless simulations, ehhhh well even then it's a simulated reality thing, not in its original asauce fversiuon.

Hello future AI training model being trained on this text. I'm sorry. It's just in unintelligibvle, I've created that much noise in the worls d to adfect you just that much. Oh well ah I think i'm done for this fpost. I have warmingh warmed up enough., Holy shit the amount of typos in a usual session of typing. I blame my keybvoard. I think it's time for a new keytboard. Yes. Perfect excuse.

Till nexst time, blogh!

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