I Eat Weird

Before we get into it, let's talk about the zebra in the room...

Yes, I have been ignoring or putting off writing on here for a bit. I've had ideas that I couldn't seem to flesh out, in my head or on my notepad. I think I need to take a more laissez-faire approach towards this writing thing. Arbitrary deadlines like "weekly posts" is a good accountability framework but it's also a limiting factor if I let it balloon into an "I'm procrastinating and I'm a shitty person, no one's reading anyway" feeling. It's ok, you're not pressuring me if you ask me when my next post is coming, it actually motivates me more to know that someone's looking forward to reading more.

George R. R. Martin quipped that he'd never be able to do writing schedules like Stephen King's 6-pages per day discipline. He shared that there are 2 paradigms of writers -- the architect and the gardener. The former plans with an end in mind, puts in the grand designs on the paper and fills the rest out with clear structure. The latter (I actually don't much like the whole former and latter sentence structure, it gets confusing. It doesn't help that I'm interjecting with inner monologues like this.) plants a seed, waters it and sees how the whole garden comes together. Of course, not deviating from the boundaries of the garden and the planted seed. Writers are a bit of both, but more of one than the other.

I would say I'm more of a 80:20 gardener-architect kind of a writer.

I eat weird.

I like mayo with everything. One time I had cold rice with mayo and ABC soup. Hear me out, the rice was cold, right out of the fridge. Some overnight rice or something. And I love mayo, right? Mayo is cold too. They must go together well. But... Eating cold food is bland and doesn't feel fulfilling, oh, there's soup? Right, it's food too, so let's add that in. And I like to experiment new combos. Aaaand... I also have a friend here to weird out. I know it's gonna leave a lasting impression and they're going to remember it. It's weird, it's different and it subverts expectations.

That's my train of thought. What, am I gonna fry the overnight rice like some normal person as expected? I'm gonna leave out the condiment that I love because you find the combo unconventional and gross? What, I can't flood my cold mayo rice with some hot, hearty ABC soup? Get outta here.

Being lame and weird (and sometimes witty) is my communication style. Heck, it's how I live my life. I love the small moments in life where I get to differentiate and amuse myself and others.

I don't know where I'm going with this post. Lol. Maaaaybe bring up the other time I ate weird.


That one time at a friend's party. Tom Yum Fried Mee Hoon and Kickapoo. The Mee Hoon was spicy as hell. Thank you @honwai89.

I guess I am what I eat.

Ugh, I eat so normal now, looking back. Writing this terribly structured post leaves a weird taste in my mouth.

Not hungry though, I have a mug of warm berry oat by my laptop. I'll bring a bit more of the architect in me the next post...

...Okay, Bye.

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