A Moment In Time - 2023-08-18T09:50:00.000+08:00

Here I am sitting by myself at the outside table of the cafe downstairs from where I work.

I was so hung up on how to word the above sentence I literally closed the tab out of frustration.

I decided that I will not worry too much about things that hold me back, but to just type as I would speak. So I came back to the post. I have intended for the post to be like a snapshot of the moment, for me to look back some day in the future. Like a mental photograph of the moment.


I took a day off work today, utilising my one mental wellness day per month allocation from the company. I'm currently sitting at an outdoor seating at superluna, a really nice cafe located right downstairs from where I work. I would occassionally grab a cup from this place on office days, almost exclusively only when my co-worker James also gets one, though.

Quick pulse check of the current status before I get further into the post. The current weather is a nice cloudy 28c, and I am also enjoying some secondhand air-conditioned air that's leaking from the cafe. This is because I'm seated right next to the main entrance to the cafe. I feel well, after a long-ish 8 hours of sleep, which I definitely needed after two weeks of grinding nights and weekends for a social app that I wish was released right now so I can use it to find other friends who are free to hang too. I haven't made any other plans apart from the doctor's appointment at 11. The current political climate is alright. BTC took a dump from $29k+ per coin to $26k+ per coin in the last 24 hours, due to a huge (I think all of them?) sell-off from SpaceX's BTC holdings. Today is my 3rd day into doing 23 hour fasts, going strong.

Anyway, I came here because I have a doctor's appointment in at 11am, which is in about 48 minutes from now, so I kinda have to speedrun this post. The doctor's appointment is for going through the results of a health screening I did with them last week. Not too worried about it, as the soft copy of the results that they sent through beforehand seem to indicate that everything was normal. I think my cholestrol and weight were just slightly higher than normal, but that can be managed and lowered.

I made a quick visit to my condo unit on the way, and really didn't like how the colour of one of the cabinets looked. We're visiting the unit tomorrow, along with the designer and the carpenter. I really hope there's something we can do about the colour.

One of the things on my agenda today is to catch up on my expense tracking and review my budget. I will also be spending some time reviewing my todo lists, which have seemingly been scattered everywhere. Some on Google Keep notes, some on Notion, and some on Trello.

Apart from that, I really haven't made any other plans. I have thought about checking with friends if anyone is down to meet up but I just slept on it and procrastinated.

A few ideas I am open to currently: climbing at Camp5, catching a movie alone, visiting Batu Caves, getting massage at Thai Odyssey, maybe do some shopping.

We'll see.

Anyway, that's the post as I really need to go to the bathroom. I meant to type more but I REALLY gotta go. I'll be back with more updates later...? ???

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