2023 - a year in review

Looking back, I can't believe all I had to say about 2022 was this:

Overall, I would describe 2022 as an uneventful and boring year. I didn't have any significant events or accomplishments to speak of, and I let myself go and gained weight. I lived a reactive rather than proactive life, and didn't have a lot of things under control. Despite this, I made it through the year and now have the opportunity to make positive changes in the new year. Here's to a better 2023!

chatgpt wrote that for me lol...

For 2023, off the top of my head, I have more to say:

  • I retired my Nose NFT project properly and gave it closure, ran a buyback program for anyone who wanted a refund.
  • I started a few side/hobby projects this year, which allowed further exploration in adjacent tech stacks:

    • Fight or Flight - a 2-button text-only game built on React. Didn't get far with the writing, only built out all the basic mechanics. Can revisit for sure. Inspired to start and just build something from listening to Lex Fridman's podcast, especially the one with Chris Lattner.

      let's do something fun and then see what happens

    • Beacon - An iOS app to make spontaneous plans with friends. This is a project I collaborated on with Josh, whom I've met through buildspace's nights & weekends season 4. Soft launched (you can download it!) but still a work in progress. Built on expo and firebase.
    • StrataSolve - You'll need an account for this but this is my first app leveraging the OpenAI platform. I guess you can call it my first ChatGPT wrapper! It aims to help property management admins reply better than just "Noted." to complaints/enquiries. Built on MERN. Born from a chat with a friend in the industry.
  • Renovation at our new condo is finally completed, though not without its own set of challenges. Also spent a lot on new appliances, furniture, etc. Looking forward to move!
  • Solana saw a 900%+ increase in price, and as I held some SOL, I broke even on my entry to crypto by selling percentages of my SOL holdings on the way up, now I'm riding with the remainder of that for free! This was really big for me personall as it justified my conviction in Solana. Not life changing money yet, but that's now in the realm of possibility! Fingers crossed.
  • Brought Linus on his first road trip, we visited Melaka and then JB and Legoland. It's super enjoyable seeing him explore the world and gain new experiences. Also super amusing seeing him make connections and trying to grasp concepts! Still gets a chuckle out of me every time he asks if a place we're going to is "a cold place or not". He's definitely born in the wrong country...
  • Was able to visit Melbourne again for work, grateful for the opportunity. Looking forward to returning in the future!
  • A close friend was able to fulfill his goal of working overseas and it was really inspiring to see him achieve it.
  • Started to pick up reading again, albeit off to a slower start.
  • Wrote a little, but just a bit. Started journaling again once in a while thanks to one of the newer iOS updates that included the new Journal app.

For 2024, here are some of the things I aspire to do:

  • More celebrations of life and love.
  • More new experiences for Linus and the family.
  • More organisation and order at home.
  • More energy through exercise and a more active lifestyle.
  • Have another child (and to be ready for it).
  • Build more things, for fun!
  • Cook at home more, experiment with new recipes.
  • Read more books.
  • Write here more!
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